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Who Are the InterGalactic Messengers?

The InterGalactic MessengersThe InterGalactic Messengers are the heroes inside us all. Everyone has the same powerful virtues. These virtues create the hero within each unique individual.

This is an invitation to all the InterGalactic Messengers on earth to share your mission with the IGM Federation. Every day your actions answer the call to do something about the problems in the world that seem unconquerable. Yet the issues are conquered every day with your creative solutions.

Share your mission and join with others with this same purpose. Creating solutions with an outcome for the betterment of all.

IGM FederationThe IGM Federation has created this unique website to share your missions of triumphs. These triumphs are ‘Bottle Missions.’ Let’s share your incredible Bottle Missions to inspire other InterGalactic Messengers all over the world. To share your missions visit the IGM Federations newsfeed, The Goodwill Dispatch Report.

A ‘Bottle Mission’ is a task that an individual or group will take on to create a positive change for the future.

The InterGalactic Messengers are part of the IGM Federation. Each IGM character is an expression of the virtues of humankind. These virtues are the character’s unique talent. The IGM Federation’s mission is to inspire kindness, compassion, and heroism throughout humanity & all life on Earth.

Einkwil RyderThe goal is to unify the world with ‘Connection through Good Communication’ using the strength and unique nature within us all. United, each of us, can send a message of goodwill changing the world for good, forever. Be an InterGalactic Messenger and reach out with your heart with random acts of kindness that will send your message of goodwill. Watch as these acts affect your life in ways you could have never imagined.

Within all humanity is the heroic nature that inspires a peaceful and loving coexistence.

Goodwill Dispatch Reporter

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