Changing Lives One Thousand Dollars at a Time

Bottle Mission Level 2 | Bringing Happiness to Those in Need

Paradise WildfiresWhen Bob Wilson a businessman read about effects that the Paradise wildfires had on the city’s high school students. He decided to fly into town and help.

The restaurant owner and real estate developer, went to Paradise High School with two briefcases filled with checks.

The checks were written to $1,000. He personally handed a check to every high school student and staff member.

Wilson gave away a total of $1.1 million to 980 students and 105 staff members, including janitors, teachers, and bus drivers.

Wilson had initially been planning to help local nonprofits to distribute the cash in the form of gift cards. He decided on handing out the checks himself.

Mr. Wilson made his decsion with in two minutes of reading the news. He wanted to allow the kids to have the freedom to have a good time and witness the smiles on their faces.

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