You have just embarked on a mission to change your world and universe. Ask yourself, “How can I do something to make a change?” The answer to this question is Bottle Missions! What is a Bottle Mission? A bottle mission is an act of responsibility that an individual or group will take to create a positive change for the future. Look around and see if there is something you think could be changed for the better. Start with something simple that you or somebody could do to start a change. Fill out the form below with your idea. Send photo images or a video if you have one. Select the Level bottle mission that fits best. Choose the submission type, New Bottle Mission to launch your own bottle mission or for ideas that will inspire others, Updates Bottle Mission if you have made some notable progress or Completed Bottle Mission if you have completed your mission.

If you need some inspiration go to the InterGalactic Federation for ideas: IGM Headquarters

Bottle Mission Levels

Level One Bottle Missions can be done at home, school, work or around your neighborhood. These missions are directed towards people close to you.  When starting a change it is always best to start with yourself and those around you first.

Level Two Bottle Missions begin to branch out and have an effect on others.  Your outreach will be greater and many people will feel the ripples of goodwill you create. At this level try and create a group so you can make a bigger impact.

Level Three “Advanced” Bottle Missions reach out to the world. The impact of these missions will be stellar. Your voice will be heard by many who are ready for change. These changes will be felt throughout the cosmos. When you embark on an Advanced Bottle Mission, you are certainly an InterGalactic Messenger and an IGM Federation member. Reach out across the globe to find others ready to change the Universe.

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