Someone should do something about it

The InterGalactic Messengers

Every day we are bombarded with an insurmountable amount of troublesome information through media. This media, whether it is radio, social media or television, tells us there are problems in the world that appear unsolvable. It is so overbearing that it drowns out the good things that happen every day. We hear the words “Someone should do something about it.”

The InterGalactic Messengers is answering the call to do something about these seemingly unconquerable issues. As it turns out, the “someone” that needs to do something about it is you and I. These “problems” are solvable. We all will have to fix them together. Using the same media that bombards us with negativity and chaos we can all come together in a universal mindset and demand better from each other and those who we choose to lead us.


Each messenger represents the strength we all need to make a change. Through this site, you will have the opportunity to send waves of goodwill and hope throughout the world and universe. We all want a better world to live in, and although we all do not agree with the means to achieve this, our goals are aligned. The underlying virtue of all beings stems from the universal golden rule: “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” As creative beings, we have long outgrown the concept of survival of the fittest.

There will always be people that are better, stronger or smarter than others. However, there is never a good reason to take advantage of the less able to further one’s needs. Furthermore, it is entirely possible on this earth to live in coexistence with the nature of this planet and with those of different opinions. Humanity is not perfect. Everyone struggles with demons and strives to be the best they can. We can be and do better given a chance. This planet is home to everyone. It belongs to no one but is to be shared and cared for by all.

Here are two simple principles to coexistence:

1. Be happy in what you do.
2. Never tread on the rights of others.

The best achievements are reached in universal alignment. It is our responsibility to grow this notion through our children, the world, and even further as we venture into the universe. This message is not a new one, and it is as old as time. The same words are throughout all rhetoric of the past and present. We created these websites to carry this message to you in a new and creative way. To find out more about the mission visit the InterGalactic Messengers.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.