You are Not Invisible

America is suffering from a bullying epidemic. Bullies appear everywhere, from playgrounds to the hallway to the buses and even online. The Internet has created an all-too-easy pathway for bullies to harass and stalk their victims without suffering any repercussions. For these reasons, the Eagles Rise Up Student Leaders as well as their teacher, Cynthia Milone from Lake Zurich Middle School South offer insights and authentic perspectives from all sides of the bullying epidemic. Allow them to open your eyes, touch your hearts, and lift the veil of this ongoing contagion. 

InterGalactic MessengerBottle Mission | Level 3 – Publish a Solution

What actions do a community of students and their teacher take to confront an epidemic of the stifling behavior of bullying? Cynthia Milone and the Eagle Rise Up Students have taken a proactive and positive step to give power to all affected while empowering the victims, spectators, and even the bullies.

 Eagle Rise Up Students
Eagle Rise Up Students

Everything we do in life positive or negative is visible and has an ongoing effect throughout our lives. This vital lesson is taught by a group of young individuals and their teacher through their published work. Sometimes and possibly always the someone who has to do something about something is you and me. This fact has been proved by the effect of people of goodwill and their daily actions and contributions worldwide.

Lake Zurich School

Whether we are the cause of a problem, the effect of a problem or a witness of such, all have the responsibility for presenting a solution. We can improve our behavior, stand up for ourselves or step up and say that is enough, let’s do something about it. This is what the Eagle Rise Up Student Leaders have done. They have noticed and have taken responsibility for all involved in the bullying epidemic by writing a book illustrating their positive perspective.

Within this book, the perspective of the victim, bully, and the spectator is fairly illustrated giving understanding instead of fault to each.  There is seldom a benefit in pointing fingers of blame; instead, together we can find a workable solution that gives all involved the power to overcome the pain of the past and move forward in friendship and compassion.

Cynthia Milone, 6th Grade Class

When it comes to bullying, forced control or diminutive invalidation, all have been affected one way or another.  Found in the pages of ‘You are Not Invisible’ is compassion, forgiveness and a step towards healing that can change the direction of this epidemic.

This book is a true Bottle Mission 3, for its effect will be felt throughout the world changing the point of view as it is shared from individual-to-individual until it touches all.  The book will create a ripple of loving effects that will be felt by even those who do not get the privilege to read this fantastic book.

In closing this article, we gladly attach a link so you can obtain a copy of this book.  The Intergalactic Messengers send kudos to all involved in its publication.

Available at: Amazon and LuLu

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