The InterGalactic Drive Thru Difference

Here’s a YouTube video submitted by Aspen Knudsen to the IGM Federation, Bottle Mission Headquarters. She was ordering food at the drive-thru with only a few extra dollars she had in her pocket. As she reached the drive up window, the cashier past her meal and a card through the window. It turned out that someone in the car in front of her anonymously paid for her order.

Submitted by Aspen – “Sometimes life hits you hard, this year I’ve been struggling to afford a place to live but the other day I went to Taco Bell. We all need food and I had a few extra dollars but I didn’t end up having to pay. Someone who was in front of me paid. This someone I do not know nor do I know if I ever will see them again paid for my meal. They made my day and gave me a sense of gratitude for life that is hard to explain. Loving the IGM mission!” – Aspen Knudsen

Kudos for the mystery person of goodwill making a positive change with a simple free meal for a beautiful person. These kinds of giving people are the InterGalactic Messengers here on earth making a difference every day. So are the individuals like Aspen, who take the time to express their thanks with a heartfelt video and bottle mission submission!!!

Bottle Mission | Level Two

Einkwil RyderThis is a twist on a Bottle Mission submission because it is submitted by the recipient of the kind act. The IGM Federation had the honor of meeting, Aspen who is an aspiring author.  Even in a difficult time in her life, Aspen takes the time to work on her book and share it with anyone who will listen. She also shares YouTube videos of goodwill and inspiration.  Most leaders and people of goodwill do not start at the top of the mountain, yet during the struggle to climb, they will bring as many others with them as possible.

InterGalactic MessengerThis Bottle Mission will definitely bring an unexpected smile and a rejuvenation of humanity, which is the idea. In a time when many feel the world is falling apart, this kindness proves that it is not. There is a saying that goes like this “A random act of kindness gives hope to someone who thinks they’re alone in the world.” But this is not random, at all. It’s called the “Drive Thru Difference.” It is a consciousness-raising campaign of KTSY started quite a while ago. But apparently, it’s still happening, leading the way from one act of kindness to another.

To continue this great flow of energy, join in on the Bottle Mission and sustain the spirit of the Drive-Thru Difference.

Receive 12 FREE IGM Federation ‘Make A Difference’ cards by sending the order form below and the Intergalactic Messengers will send them to you for free. Use these cards to pay for someone’s lunch, groceries, bridge tolls or even gas. Continue a ripple of kindness that continually pays itself forward.

    If you have an idea or are starting a Bottle Mission, tell us about it and we will share it with the world.

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