Do you believe in the power of Love?

We do!

We are a nonprofit couple who have decided to devTeam Loveote our free time to starting LOVE DAY once a month instead of once a year. Our idea to unit people together with LOVE and we feel once a year just isn’t enough.

LOVE – It’s the one thing we can all agree on. Everyone wants to be loved.

We believe that love can cure. So, we are asking everyone to join in and celebrate Love Day on the first day of every month (to start) to show love and kindness to all.

Why Love day?

Love Day

Love Day is a reminder to love and forgive all, including yourself. It’s a fresh start each month to remind yourself to release the anger and focus on the positive again.

Due to all the negativity that’s around us, we can easily fall back into anger again. Next thing you know you are grumpy and complaining about everyone and everything. Love Day once a month is a reminder to reboot and get back into the positive. Forgive yourself for getting angry and start over. Until one day you won’t need the reminder and every day will be Love Day to you.

Let me explain how to celebrate Love Day. We are asking everyone around the world –for one day a month- to be kind and show love and compassion to all.

Forgive and love all.

We need to prove to the world that love and kindness are not only better than hate but preferable. Why?
Because people nowadays almost prefer to be angry. They brag about it. We want the people of this Earth to brag about being kind and loving. I don’t believe we can change the world until we change ourselves.
Until we can all stop fighting and start to show love and compassion to one another, things can’t really improve.

Stop the blame, stop the judging, listen and show compassion. Open your mind and your heart. Forgive, start a clean slate with the people of this world. The people of this world are the ones who should be making the decisions, starting new governments, getting rid of old rules that don’t belong anymore.

The number one reason to vote these days is due to a heightened desperation for change. But we never get it. We need to change as a people first and then, real change can happen.

Americas Democrats and Republicans don’t realize how much they care about the same things. I don’t want this to be political, I just want to remind everyone that the general population has a huge voice and we should see all others as, family not enemies. But, we need to first love ourselves. Until we learn to love ourselves, we won’t be able to love others unconditionally.

Focus on the Positive

Spread LoveIf we all learn to focus on the positive, things can and will change. I promise. Scientific evidence has proven that kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system, and may even be an antidote to depression.

Oxytocin production is a side effect of kindness (see ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness). Just as feeling stressed produces stress hormones, the feelings of warmth or connection that accompany acts of kindness generate oxytocin in the body.

This oxytocin reduces free radicals all throughout the body. Not only does it reduce free radicals in the skin, but studies show it reduces them in the arteries too, producing a ‘cardioprotective’ effect; that is, protecting the heart and arteries.

I am an avid believer that love can cure. I was very angry and ill, but now I’m on the mend in leaps and bounds. I was in daily pain and now it is all gone. I see so many people who are in the same place I was, and I want to show them how much better they can feel.

We expect that one day everyone will prefer love day every day and stop all this anger and hate that is poisoning and killing us all. Making us sick with anxiety disorder and much more.

So, on the first day of every month, we ask all….

-To be positive for one day ALL DAY!
-Look people in the eye and smile. Maybe throw in a “HI!”
-Forgive yourself and others.
-Do a ‘no’ or ‘low’ electronics day.
-Don’t gossip or watch the news. You can live one day without the news. (The news is 98% gossip anyway and if there is an emergency- everyone’s smartphone will go off.)
-We ask people to get outside… touch something in nature that is growing and alive. (Yes, hug a tree)
-We are asking everyone to please wear something visible that shows they support love day. Whether it is store-bought or handmade, something that shows you support Team Love. Any item of clothing or accessory with a noticeable positive message or symbol will do.

• Positive words love -peace -happy -joy
• Positive symbols -heart -happy face -peace symbol

Put them on anything, t-shirt, hat, bracelet, earrings. If you must wear a suit, how about smiley face socks or a peace symbol tie? That way on Love Day, everywhere you look; you will only see positive images.

Brainwashing love over hate!

If you only do one thing off the list, that is awesome! Any step forward is progress.
We are asking for your voice and others to help pass this message on. The more we stick together and promote love day and love every day, I believe we can be a much happier planet. We started this on Jan. 1, 2018 and are hoping it to go worldwide. One day very soon I am hoping to step outside on a Love Day and not be the only one wearing a positive message. Please help me make my dream come true.

Please join Team Love and put in your calendar that the first day of every month is Love Day. Help us change the world one Love Day at a time. Thank you! Love to all.

Team Love

If you would like more information, please visit our website at

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