How is your SEMPI?

InterGalactic MessengerBottle Mission | Level 3 – SEMPI

Alyse Price-Tobler has created a unique tool called The ‘SEMPI’ Social Communication Model,’ that will revolutionalize the way we communicate with each other, through the teaching of heart to heart conversations. The ‘SEMPI SCM’ is an altruistic ‘pay it forward’ model.

How does one reply to our other community members, when we ask them, “Are you O.K?” and they answer, “No.”

How is your Sempi?Many of us never learn the skills to reply to someone who is hurting. When faced with this challenge, we often find ourselves withdrawing due to not having the right words, consequently leaving the upset person feeling lonely, misunderstood, and isolated.

By learning the language of ‘SEMPI,’ adults and children can start to communicate and nurture each other more deeply through the use of the ‘SEMPI’ acronym. For children and adults alike, this is a quintessential life skill. Sometimes, if we don’t learn these techniques, emotional situations can feel difficult, and we often choose to avoid them altogether. Now there is a different way! If we learn ‘SEMPI conversation’ skills, both adults and children will be able to sit with others in pain and hear them deeply. Once the upset person feels heard and is no longer needing support, they can then ‘pay it forward’  to other community members to help more people!

Check-in daily: Listen and Be Heard

People are so busy these days that we often get caught up in the rush of life, forgetting to notice the critical moments when we are needed the most. By applying a few simple listening skills through daily check-in ‘SEMPI conversations,’ we can all start to feel heard, validated and understood while honoring each other. Learning ‘SEMPI’ takes about 20 minutes.

The IGM Federation along with Alyse Price-Tobler, can remove the chronic state of sadness and loneliness felt by so many people in our world, and invite them to join together with us, creating a more inclusive society of love and acceptance. Join InterGalactic Messenger Alyse Price-Tobler as she sets out on her Bottle Mission | Level 3 to make a positive impact by improving communications skills in children and adults throughout the world.

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