Raising Students to Believe in their Golden Hearts

Our Golden Hearts

At Slackwood School, we raise our students to believe that their “golden heart” is what sets them apart in this world we live in. It is their actions that will create a world they are proud of. They will be the leaders!

Kindness MattersEvery year we have a theme to encourage our students. This years theme is Kindness Matters. We have been teaching this through all outlets possible.

Losing Pirate Jay

This year we are losing a leader, a principal, and member of our family as he is being transferred to another school. In Slackwood Schoolhonor of everything our principal, Jay Billy has taught us, the love he has shown, and the leadership we have decided to work on a special project. Jill Lee-You, an art teacher at Slackwood School, along with 275 little ones in grades pre-K through 3rd grade, created a mural to show everyone what our school is about.

Our principal believes he is a pirate leader, one who leads with culture in our school, one who create experiences for our students to grow. The artist who visited us to work on this special mural is Leon Rainbow, an amazing graffiti artist from California who now resides in New Jersey. He was so touched by what we represent and how we teach he decided to add a special touch to our artwork to remind us that it is our kindness that will ALWAYS matter, no matter what.

Submitted by Jill Lee-You
Art Teacher
 Slackwood Elementary School

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  1. Excellent write up Jill!!! Our Pirate Principal, Mr. Jay Billy will truly be missed. He is the epitome of what a principal should be. Well wishes to him and I won’t say good-bye, I’ll say see you around.

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