The Body, Mind, and Soul

Good Scrolls Triangle LogoThe compilation of these three websites was an evolution of thought that soon turned into a revolution of ideas. We all exist on these three planes of existence which are the Body, Mind, and Soul. One is no more important than the other. It is akin to the thought of which organ is most important to the body, the lungs, brain or the heart. Of course, you cannot live without one or the other.

The Body

‘Personalized Treasure Scrolls’ is a means of regaining and sustaining relationships with the people you know. Whether you are family, friends or colleagues, they are the body of which your life is made.

The Mind

‘The InterGalactic Messengers’ stemmed from our desire to create a fun and exciting way to spread the word that it is time to change the way we see our world, as well as how we act in it. There are many people on this path, and we are sure more will follow. Our goal is to help speed up the process and unite all the current efforts into one unstoppable force. Creativity towards a positive movement is a practical use of the mind.

The Soul

Giving selflessly is one of the most spiritually fulfilling acts you can do. ‘Scrolls of Hope’ is the means by which we can provide of ourselves to those in need. We all give of ourselves every day. To truly make a change we must show our true love for humanity, our world and all that is in the cosmos. We must give of ourselves freely. Share all you have with those around you as if there is an endless supply. You can do this, for those who give of themselves find that their potential to contribute to the world is limitless.

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