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Here is a collection from the journal entries of the InterGalactic Messengers. These are stories of their adventures. Some are completed and posted while other are still being written for your enjoyment.

Up in the stars high above the lands lies a set of constellations with messages in hand.
This is a story of the heralds that be. The InterGalactic Messengers The ones that found me.

  • The gold coin cover

    The Gold Coin

    Posted by Tobias Frogga on January 03, 1910

    This is my journal entry for my first Bottle Mission on Planet Earth. It was so nice to meet Jacob and Ben. They are now reunited and the family is happy and doing well.

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  • intergalactic story part 1 cover

    The InterGalactic Story: part 1 - The Messengers

    Posted by Josephine Boteille on March 03, 2017

    Welcome to the IGM Website. Here is the written version of The InterGalactic Story: Part 1 - The Messengers. It is beautifully illistrated. Please enjoy and explore this site. Have fun, Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.

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  • the quest cover

    The InterGalactic Story: part 2 - The Quest

    Posted by Cinna Duplare on March 28, 2017

    Good Scrolls, Fellow InterGalactic Messengers. Enjoy my written version of the InterGalactic Story: Part 2 - The Quest. Don't forget to get into action with a few of your own bottle missions on earth. Follow us on your earth-based social club called FaceBook and see how we can all pitch in and make a change.

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  • EMP Blast

    To be posted by Sebastian Glabyool on December 03, 2017

    When a planet in the neighboring solar system Alpha Centauri is devastated by an EMP blast from its sun, the citizens of Earth come to the rescue with a new energy solution, the Sky Solar Collector.

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  • top hat from space cover

    When Top Hats Fall from Space

    To be posted by Einkwil Ryder March 28, 2018

    Once upon a time there were two little girls. First there was Scobbie and then there was the Bean. Scobbie and the Bean are detectives. Today they are traveling and uncovering the hidden mysteries of the cosmos.

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  • a bottle in time cover

    A Bottle in Time

    To be posted by Bellarose Regndropa June 28, 2018

    Something is wrong with time. It seems to be going faster and faster. Bellarosa Regndropa uses her talents to find out where all the time is going.

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  • Martoesheeans Communitcation Invasion

    To be posted by Vincent Blydan August 1, 2018

    False communcations are spreading throughout the Cosmos. Nothing makes any sense. Someone is intercepting all transmissions, messages and newspapers and re-writing and re-arranging all messages. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this!!!

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