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Below are the submissions to the calendar contest. They are displayed here and linked on Facebook as well. This is the place to "like" your favorite submissions. Scroll through using the category buttons. "Like" one or a bunch. Read a few of the Celestial Stories. Pick your favorite story and "like" that one too. If you have submitted an entry yourself, don't forget to share them on facebook so your friends and family can like your work as well.

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The messengers of IGM Federation will post and monitor all missions. As missions are completed they will be launched on the Goodwill Dispatch Reporter as well as on Facebook, Twitter and on our Youtube newscast. Any original missions that are noteworthy will be included on our site as IGM approved bottle missions for all to view. Credit will be given to the submitting IGM messenger. LAUNCH A Bottle Mission Write down your idea for a bottle mission. It could be from the list above or you may have an idea of you own. Personalize the mission if needed. Submit your mission to us. We will read your mission and once the mission is approved the IGM Federation will post it on the Goodwill Dispatch Reporter under Bottle Missions. When you have completed your mission, Go to your post and tell us how it went. If you send Photo and Videos it will help inspire others to start their own bottle missions. Any photos and videos may be included on our next newscast. All videos, photos and posts become the property of the IGM Federation.

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