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einkwil ryder

Note from Einkwil Ryder

How goes it? My name is Einkwil Ryder! I am the head journalist for the Goodwill Dispatch reporter with the Intergalactic Messengers Federation! Ever since the moment of my creation, it has been my calling, my dream and my passion to broadcast, update and inform everyone of all the phenomenal events happening all over the world, and keep all the, activities of the Intergalactic messengers up to date!

Goodwill Dispatch

I welcome you to the Goodwill Dispatch Reporter Operations terminal. This is where your Bottle Missions, Good News, and World Changing Events will be published. To the right are four menu buttons. For ideas or to launch your own Bottle Mission, choose "Launch a Bottle Mission". If you see an article of good news or an Act of Kindness that you would like to share, publish it here by choosing "Send Some Good News". Acts of Kindness or Goodwill are witnessed all the time. We would love to post as many as possible. Send us videos, photos or just a great story about what was done. Through World Changing Events, organizations and individuals can get connected to make some real change together. When we stand united, this is when the real magic happens. If you are hosting an event or have an idea for one, this is the place to get us the information. The final item on the menu bar will take you to see Calendar Contest Submissions. If you get inspired, please go to the "Creative Mind Travel Calendar Contest" and submit one as well.

With that said, I conclude my opening statement and hope that you have been inspired to reach for the stars, and come talk to me soon about all the incredible things you have done or heard about! I cant wait to talk to you soon!

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.
Good Scrolls from, Einkwil Ryder


photo snapin

"Hello I'm Photee Snapin"

Below are examples of individuals like you that are making a change in our world. Join up with the movement and get your story, activity or world changing action uploaded here to inspire others to do the same. Some of these examples are videos while others are written stories and news realeases. We look forward to uploading your stories and videos here. Remember to submit at one of the button selections above.

Bottle Mission

Group of girls hold a food drive to make a change.

Group of girls hold a food drive to make a change.

als walk
Organizations of Goodwill

ALS Walks

New York City Walk Saturday | Sept 16, 2017 - WALK CHECK-IN: 9:00 AM -WALK STARTS: 11:00 AM LOCATION: Eisenhower Park | Field 6 DISTANCE: 3 mile Walk Manager: Linda Berman More than just a few-mile trek, the Walk to Defeat ALS® is an opportunity to bring hope to people living with ALS, to raise money for a cure, and to come together for something you care about. The Walk to Defeat ALS® is The ALS Association’s biggest annual event, which raises funds that allow our local chapters to sustain care services and support research for much of the next year.

Source -http://www.21daykindnesschallenge.org

Acts of Goodwill

”I believe today's youth can change the world with kindness."

Five Acts of Kindness for 21 School Days.  The 21 Day Kindness Challenge teaches today's youth to be effective, caring and proactive leaders. The Kindness Challenge emphasizes respect for others, promotes responsible decisions, creates a positive atmosphere, develops empathy, strengthens the school community and increases positive behaviors.  

Act of goodwill

Good News Around the World

Man Helps Amputee Up the Stairs, Then Returns to Build Ramp

Jennifer Austin had long awaited the day that her husband would finally return from the hospital. Don Austin arrived home on Friday only to find an obstacle standing in his way: the stairs to his front door. Don had his leg amputated below the knee. Though he had crutches handy, he still wasn’t strong enough to make it up the stairs to their house.
A neighbor, Steve Smith saw the family struggling with the steps. He asked if they needed help. Steve then scooped Don up into his arms, carried him into the house, and put the man down on the couch. Steve, who happened to also be a welder, then returned the next day with his father so they could build a wheelchair ramp for Don.

Saving the gulf
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Bottle Mission

Olivia's Birds: Saving the Gulf

One inspiring environmental activist uses her creative side to spread messages about saving our planet. Twelve-year-old Olivia Bouler has raised over $200,000 for environmental causes through her children's book, Olivia's Birds: Saving the Gulf, as well as her displayed artwork at the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art.

Source -http://www.rachelschallenge.org

Acts of Goodwill



Good News Around the World

Boyan Slat's Ocean Clean up

Boyan Slat is putting forth the effort to clean up the ocean with his trash-collecting booms. “He's set to launch his garbage-collecting booms in 2018, after a two-year feasibility study. Just six years from his Greek dive to solution, the $320 million donated to his cause seem to have been worthwhile investments. According to Slat's current estimates, his booms will collect about 50 percent of the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch in just five years (his previous estimate was that he would be able to collect 42 percent of it over 10 years).”
Youtube video link

Organizations of Goodwill

Secure a Forest Elephant Refuge

As human beings, we connect to nature with a force as strong as the pull of gravity. We depend on nature. Zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, national parks, the conservation movement—indeed, the Wildlife Conservation Society—were all created with a desire to maintain and strengthen that connection. Saving wildlife is our history and our future. With this strategy, we renew our commitment to the protection of the world's wildlife.

Bottle Mission

Bringing the internet to everyone

Daniel Kent, President and Executive Director of Net Literacy, became passionate about teaching Internet skills to others back in middle school, when he was a volunteer at his public library. Daniel's company now donates $1.4 million in services annually, which includes refurbishing computers and teaching digital literacy skills to students and parents.

Acts of Goodwill

Being Unreasonable

We envision a world in which any entrepreneur tackling the world’s greatest problems can access the people and skills they need to start and scale their company. We do this by giving entrepreneurs tackling the world’s greatest challenges an unfair advantage by helping them get the clarity, people, and capital they need to scale their impact. And we invite you to Be Unreasonable with us.

Good News Around the World

Found Money in the Food

Sometimes people just do nice acts without the need to be seen. Giving for the sake of giving and feeling good that you may have really help someone is sometimes enough. “In the past couple weeks, grocery shoppers in an Oregon town have found $100 bills stuffed into everyday food items, like eggs, cookies and candy bars, and inside shopping carts — all for the taking. These acts are random and most shoppers are unaware of the special gift until they arrive home.”

Organization of Goodwill

Local Government going green

You can get your local government to take small steps to maintain the environment. For example, In 2006, Mayor Ron Littlefield signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, which committed Chattanooga to cutting carbon dioxide emissions 7 percent below our 1990 levels. And one of the biggest ways both individuals and businesses, big and small, can help to go green is by planting trees. The Take Root campaign strives to inspire Chattanooga to do its part to help stop climate change. By planting trees on the major arteries of the city, we can reduce our carbon footprint and inspire Chattanoogans to "go green."

Bottle Mission

Making a change in lives with soap

In many stressed areas the simple basic use of soap is a luxury. It is a well known fact that the use of soap has reduced the spread of illness and has improved general health. Where soap is unavailable this is not the case. Derrieck Kayango found a source of free soap that can be collected and sent to distressed areas and begin to improve the health in those areas. Each day millions of people shower in a hotel room and head off to meet the day, leaving behind a lightly used bar of soap that a hotel maid generally throws in the trash. Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, a mother cradles her dying child, one of 4 million people who will die annually from intestinal diseases because of a lack of access to soap and clean water. This soap can be used to change these conditions.

collecting for kids in disasters
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Acts of Goodwill

Grace Li

Grace Li, Co-founder and CEO of We Care Act, dedicates much of her time to helping youth around the world recover from disasters. From collecting books for earthquake victims in China to running collection drives after Hurricane Ike, Grace has helped over 14,000 kids recover from natural disasters.

Good News Around the World

Airline’s act of kindness astounds family

Sometimes an "Act of Goodwill" can come from the largest of sources. Even an corporation as large as an airline can extend kindness. When an airplane turns around while in mid-taxi, the passenger Peggy Uhle could not imagine the distance the airline was about to go to help her get to her injured son.



This Organization develops many self-help programs in Africa to increase food production, develop clean water resources, manage the environment, strengthen health care and deliver emergency assistance. Founded by Africans and Americans amidst the Sahelian drought of the early 1970s, Africare has grown to become a leader in aid to Africa ― pioneering various types of self-help development programs and noted for our close partnerships with the people and leaders of Africa.

Loving earth
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Bottle Mission

Turning Grease into Fuel

Impressive teen Cassandra Lin is the founder of Rhode Island-based Project TGIF: Turn Grease Into Fuel, which converts collected grease into biodiesel so that it can be supplied to families for emergency heating assistance. The 14-year-old sprang into action after reading an article in the local paper that pointed out that many people in community could not afford to heat their homes in the winter.

fields of hope
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Acts of Goodwill


As the founder of FUNDaFIELD, Kyle Weiss works to better the lives of children and teens in developing countries. The 19-year-old's organization gives youth a chance to play soccer as a therapeutic method for curing trauma and inspiring positive growth.

You are only limited by your imagination
Todays Parents

Good News Around the World

Anyone can achieve anything

How do you tell your child they are limited by their physical condition? The answer to this question is YOU DON”T! If there is a will there is a way. Take for example shown here where parents with children that require a wheel chair create inspiring halloween costumes. No matter the challenges, anyone can become and do anything. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

coats for the homeless
Source: www.onewarmcoat.com

Organizations of Goodwill

Bringing Warm Since 1992

MISSION: To provide anyone in need with a warm coat, free of charge. VISION: That One Warm Coat will become a part of the American lifestyle; that when a coat is no longer needed, people will think of us and donate it; that donors will be warmed by the knowledge that their coats will go directly to children, women and men in need. HISTORY: Our organization started in 1992 with a Thanksgiving weekend coat drive at one location in San Francisco.  Since then, we have grown to a national organization supporting over 3,000 coat drives each year.

Bottle Mission

The Power of a Hug

This young girl (Norah) changed the life of Mr. Peterson’s just by reaching out for a hug. This act of kindness changed more than just the little Norah and Mr. Peterson. By reaching out she changed the lives Mr. Peterson’s children and their children.

Acts of Goodwill

Making hope a possibility.

How you can change the world. Linked to this post is an amazing video. World changing is not a few big actions. It is a multitude of small actions made by individuals that do not agree with the current human condition. They knowingly or unknowingly create a better alternative. Ask yourself what can I do in the next 24 hours to make a change in the world? My answer to you is watch this video and get inspired.

Inspire others
Source: Create the Good

Organizations of Goodwill

Inpiring Others to Volunteer

What We Do: Got 5 minutes? 5 hours? Find good that fits you and your community. Connect with ways to share your life experience and skills that match your schedule and interests. Discover simple, fun ideas for creating good Help feed a family in need, collect school supplies, start a community garden and much more. Make good even better Post your service project to reach a vast network of experienced and committed volunteers.

Good News Around the World

Rippling Effect of a good deed

Young Phil Powell pays kindness he received when homeless. He hopes to begin ripples of kindness by giving his shoes to a homeless man. He was work at Walmart at the time. Shortly after, he was honoured by his school district. After he was photographed taking off his sneakers and giving them to a homeless man.

Spread Good News, Do Good Things, Make Good News

Go to the IGM Federation Headquarters.
Start making and spreading good news by launching, starting and completing Bottle Missions.
Yours could be the one that changes the world for good.