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Welcome all who have come to hear The Intergalactic Story. My name is Lady Josephine Boteilli. I am the first InterGalactic Messenger, born of original stardust from the creation of the Universe.But, before the universe was created there was only the idea of a universe.

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This idea was the first THOUGHT ever. The idea grew and grew by envisioning all the things needed to build the universe. The idea was thoughtful and filled with hope and love. These thoughts were the first, the strongest, and proved to be everlasting. The thoughts were so intense that they actually had weight and magnitude. It was like an over filled water balloon ready to explode.

Along with hope and love the balloon was filling with imagination, creativity, expression, and communication. The pressure kept building until the fabric of the balloon burst with jubilation. Quicker than a blink of an eye, all the fundamental elements: matter, energy, space and time filled the interspaces of the new universe. As the universe settled, all the ingredients needed to form the moons, planets, stars and galaxies appeared.

The magic of communication became the glue and gravity upon which all things would be held together. I, Lady Josephine Boteilli, was bestowed with the honor of being the Keeper of Communication. With the knowledge of truth and understanding, good communication is the positive side of the spectrum of all life. As long as all life stays connected all is good throughout the galaxies. This helps maintain universal balance.

To uphold this honor I swore myself into delivering the hopes and dreams to all who entrusted me. Flawless precision, integrity and honor are just some of the purposes of my quest. I knew that I needed help to get this great quest accomplished and I also knew where to look…

Within stardust there is the magic of the formless luminosity. Formless luminosity is the intelligence that makes all things possible. It is the original thought of hope, love, imagination, creativity, expression, and communication that is found within the original stardust. This stardust has the special magical qualities that form InterGalactic Messengers.

I was granted the ability to find this powerful stardust. As the stars and galaxies formed each messenger came into being. I sought them out one by one over the millennia of time. As each one joined the quest the InterGalactic Messenger Federation was established.

Up in the stars high, above the lands, lies a set of constellations with messages in hand. This is a story of the heralds that be. The InterGalactic Messengers, the ones that found me.

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