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InterGalactic Messengers

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Welcome InterGalactic Messengers

Who are the InterGalactic Messengers?

The InterGalactic Messengers are the heroes inside us all. Everyone has the same powerful virtues. These virtues create the hero within each unique individual.

This is an invitation to all the InterGalactic Messengers on earth to share your mission with the IGM Federation. Every day your actions answer the call to do something about the problems in the world that seem unconquerable. Yet the issues are conquered every day with your creative solutions.

Share your mission and join with others with this same purpose. Creating solutions with an outcome for the betterment of all.

Within all humanity is the heroic nature that inspires a peaceful and loving coexistence..

Enjoy, explore and let's spread the word that it is time to coexist in the United State of ALL.

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Up in the stars high, above the lands, lies a set of constellations with messages in hand.
This is a story of the heralds that be. The InterGalactic Messengers, the ones that found me.

Meet The InterGalactic Messengers

Each messenger is gifted with a special talent. These talents mirror the virtues that create greatness.
Hover over messengers below to read talents.


Each messenger has their own personality which sets them apart. Read each of the messenger's personalities.
Click on any of the InterGalactic Messengers below to view their personality

Josephine Botelle | Wisdom Cinna Duplar | Dignity Ivy Bien | Balance Roman Justus | Truth Olivia Oleum | Appresiation Alexander-Pip | Preserverence Anabelle-Pannier | Enlightenment Sebastian Glabyool | Confidence Bellarose Regndropa | Love Vincent Byldan | Herosim Christa Bella | Compassion Tobias Frogga | Inspiration
  • Josephine Boteille

    Lady Josephine, Princess of the stars, dreams of adventure. Ever since the beginning of time she was determined to be a messenger of hope. Her goal is to bring the universe together one scroll at a time.

    • Josephine Boteille Beacon

    • Josephine's Beacon Lantern

    Josephine Boteille
  • Cinna Duplare

    Sir Cinna Duplare is a jolly old knight. He was knighted by Lady Josephine Boteille for his dedication to delivering messages of inspiration. Cinna has made it his goal to spread happiness throughout the universe.

    • Cinna Duplar Beacon

    • Sir Cinna's Beacon Lantern

    Cinna Duplar
  • Ivy Bein

    Ivy wants to help relationships grow by passing messages between kindred souls. She helps relationships flourish by delivering messages from one warm heart to another.

    • Ivy Bien beacon

    • Ivy’s Beacon Lantern

  • Roman Justus

    This very noble fellow delivers messages to those who protect and defend the ones they love. Roman believes that nothing is more powerful than a written message of support.

    • Roman Justus beacon

    • Roman's Beacon Lantern

    Roman Justus
  • Olivia Oleum

    Olivia is sophisticated in every way. She makes sure your message arrives with elegance and style. Olivia moves through the universe with speed and fluidity making sure messages are delivered in a classy and fashionable manner.

    • Olivia Oleum beacon

    • Olivia’s Beacon Lantern

    Olivia Oleum
  • Alexander Pip

    Alexander is the go-to messenger for all the hot spots. He loves to pop in and out of all the coolest places in the cosmos to deliver messages. Alexander always makes it to every destination whether near or far.

    • Alexander Pip beacon

    • Alexander’s Beacon Lantern

    Alexander Pip
  • Anabelle Pannier

    With her very bubbly personality, Anabelle loves to spread messages of joy. Nothing makes her happier than seeing the smiles on peoples faces as she delivers messages through the universe.

    • Anabelle Pannier beacon

    • Anabelle’s Beacon Lantern

    Anabelle Pannier
  • Sebastian Glabyool

    As a very humble and sincere messenger Sebastian makes delivering your messages his first priority. No matter where you send your scroll, he will get it there safe and sound.

    • Sebastian Glabyool beacon

    • Sebastian’s Beacon Lantern

    Sebastian Glabyool
  • Bellarose Regndropa

    Miss Regndropa is a hopeless romantic that loves nothing more than bringing people in love closer together. Her goal in life is to help spread messages of affection to people throughout the cosmos.

    • Bellarose Regndropa beacon

    • Bellarose's Beacon Lantern

    Bellarose Regndropa
  • Vincent Byldan

    His friends know him as the tower of power. Vincent will face any delivery challenge given to him. No expectation is too high or distance too far. Vincent always gets the messages delivered wherever they are needed.

    • Vincent Byldan beacon

    • Vincent's Beacon Lantern

    Vincent Byldan
  • Christa Bella

    Harmonious in spirit Christa wishes for peace and kindness throughout the universe. Christa Bella always chimes in at the right moment to ensure messages ring true and are always delivered with great sincerity.

    • Christa Bella beacon

    • Christa’s Beacon Lantern!

    Christa Bella
  • Tobias Frogga

    Tobias Frogga is the most energetic messenger of them all. He leaps from one side of the cosmos to another doing what he does best, delivering messages. He is always just a hop, skip or jump away from making his next delivery.

    • Tobias Frogga beacon

    • Tobias’s Beacon Lantern

    Tobias Frogga
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