Fair Winds and Good Scrolls

Join the InterGalactic Federation’s “Bottle Mission” to do something to make a honorable change in the Universe. The purpose is for the betterment of all. Let us all connect as the internet allows and create a web of good principles. United in the vision and purpose to advance together in a universal mindset, ALL can have plenty without the need to compete. This is a World and Universe of unlimited creativity and opportunity.

Growing together as a group with a common goal, the momentum becomes like a super computer sharing all ideas and thoughts. In this way, growth, unity and creativity will accelerate the rejuvenation of this planet and the expansion of humanity.

Truth is the only defense that will eradicate deception. Lies and deceit only have a limited amount of avenues to travel before their power diminishes. Truth knows no bounds. Despite the intention to block it, truth will always find another path to travel.

This is the place to share your inspirational thoughts and great ideas. Create a world changing event by sending articles, videos and stories of positive energy. Cross links to any sites that are good natured with the same positive intent are welcome. We would love to post as many as possible.

Together ALL become a terminal creating an unstoppable
current flowing out into the Universe.


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